Field Trips

Based on the Board Approved list of class trips, building administration and teachers will select a destination for each field trip. If the field trip is scheduled by classroom, any students with disabilities in the classroom will be included in the trip.   If the class trip is scheduled by grade level (all general education teachers in a particular grade plan for their classes to attend the same trip on the same day), ALL students will be offered the opportunity to attend the trip based upon their assigned grade level. The revised procedures and practices will ensure that students with disabilities are afforded an equal opportunity to attend field trips with their non-disabled peers, to the maximum extent appropriate, to meet the needs of each individual student with a disability. If a separate field trip is determined to be necessary to meet the individual educational needs of a student with a disability as adequately as the needs of a non-disabled student are met, and the decision is based upon adherence to procedures that satisfy the requirements of Section 504, at 34 C.F.R., 104.34, 104.35, and 104.36., alternate field trip arrangements may be considered by an appropriate group of staff members who have sufficient knowledge of the student’s disability and  the student’s parent.