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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if??
I want to confer with a teacher:

Call the school to arrange for a conference at least one day in advance, if possible.
A pupil is absent:

Call the school nurse each day the child is absent. The schools have voice mail for your convenience. When the child returns to school, send a note with the student listing the dates and reason for absence. Parents/guardians will be notified by telephone of any absent pupil when the school has not heard from the parent/guardian.
A student becomes ill during school hours:

Students who may be ill are evaluated in the nurse's office. If it becomes necessary for the student to be sent home because of illness, every attempt will be made to notify the parent/guardian. When arriving to pick up an ill child, report to the main office to sign him/her out.
Something is lost:

To trace a lost article, call the school office.
Lunch, school work, books, glasses, etc. are left at home:

Please deliver the item to the school office. Students will be notified and are responsible for claiming such items at the office.
I plan to move:

If you plan to move, please give the school office the information needed so they may prepare a transfer card. This card will be given to you to present to the next school district if you are moving out of state or will be forwarded by mail to the next school district if you are moving within the state. All textbooks, library books, and other school materials must be returned before the transfer is issued.
I have a question or concern related to transportation:

The Transportation Department can be contacted directly at 732-202-1740.
I have a problem:

Most problems can be resolved by speaking with the classroom teacher. In order to eliminate interruptions of the instructional program and provide a teacher with the opportunity to collect appropriate data concerning the problem, please call for an appointment and schedule a conference at a mutually convenient time. Should this not prove satisfactory, make an appointment to discuss the matter with the school principal. If a satisfactory solution is not achieved by discussion with the principal, a written request for a conference should be sent to the Superintendent of Schools. NOTE: See Board of Education Policy #9130 Complaints and Grievances from Members of the Community.