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Student Media Release Acknowledgement

By acknowledging the Student Media Release via the Back to School Portal, the legal guardian gives permission to the Howell Township School District to publish photos/images of their child on the district/school website, Twitter, YouTube or other social news/media websites that promote the goals and objectives of the district.

By granting this permission, the guardian understands that the Howell Township Public Schools may use photos/images/videos of their child for purposes such as celebrating achievements and publicizing education events, as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools.

The guardian further understands that, their child may be named, or other personally identifiable information could be used with any photo/image/video.

By acknowledging the Student Media Release, the guardian has the knowledge that any photos/images/videos/personally identifiable information posted on the Howell Township Website site can be downloaded and reprinted by various news organizations, including print, electronic and broadcast media, and the guardian, therefore, releases the Howell Township Public Schools from any liability arising from use of their child’s photos/images/videos/name in web postings.

Additionally, as previously advised by the local school district, the guardian understands that there are potential dangers associated with the posting of personally identifiable information on a web site, since global access to the Internet does not allow for control of who may access such information.

The guardian further understands that if they wish to rescind the agreement, the guardian may do so at any time by sending a letter to the principal of their child’s school, who will immediately notify the respective individuals. The requested rescission will take effect upon district's receipt of the principal's notification.