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Delayed Opening School Day Schedule

When there is a need which requires the district to delay the start of school by 90 minutes, all school start times and bus stop times will be pushed back 90 minutes. Delayed school start times are listed in the table below. We are often asked what time a student should be at the bus stop in the morning during a delayed opening schedule.  For example, if your student’s regular bus time is 7:40 AM then add 1.5 hours for a 9:10 AM delayed bus stop time. For your convenience, a conversion table of delayed opening bus pick-up times is located here.  A delayed opening has no effect on dismissal time unless announced.
School Hours
Middle School South, Middle School North
8:55 AM to 2:00 PM
Adelphia, Ardena, Greenville, Griebling, Memorial, Ramtown
9:35 AM to 2:35 PM
Aldrich, Land O’ Pines, Newbury, Taunton
10:15 AM to 3:15 PM