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Community Facility Use/Room Reservations

Facility Use Request (ML Schedules)

The Howell Township Public School District is now utilizing a new calendar based system called ML Schedules for the submission of facility use requests.  See the below videos to learn how to create an account and submit a facility use request:



ML Schedules User Account Registration/Login

New User Account Registration -  ML Schedules Registration
Existing User Account Login - ML Schedules User Account Login

Facilities Terms and Conditions


  1. Prior to requesting use of Howell Township Public School (hereafter referred to as District) facilities, the facility user/organization must read and understand the provisions set forth in the following laws, regulations and policies: 

    Policy 7434 Smoking on School Grounds

    Policy 7490 Animals on School Property

    Policy 7510 Use of School Facilities

    Policy 5300 Automated External Defibrillators

    Reg 2431.4 Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related

  2. When utilizing an indoor facility, all unstaffed exterior doors are to be closed and locked. Propping or manipulating doors is strictly prohibited and subject to sanctions.
  3. It is the responsibility of the facility user/organization to chaperone all participating and non-participating youth at all times.
  4. Use of District equipment on the premises by non-school personnel is limited to the equipment that is an integral part of the facility being used. No district equipment shall be removed from the premises or moved within the facility or on the property for use by non-district personnel.
  5. Equipment not owned by the District shall not be left on school grounds or stored in facilities.
  6. The user certifies that all members are trained and or certified in the proper set-up, maintenance, and use of any equipment or supplies provided to them by the organization, brought on-site from any source or requested to be used from the district. *Trampolines, bounce houses, amusement rides and similar items will not be permitted without specific, case by case review and approval by the Assistant Superintendent for Business in consultation with the district insurance company.
  7. All areas are to be left clean and free from debris.
  8. It is incumbent on the facility user/organization to ensure that the organization’s Certificate of Insurance (in accordance with district limits and naming the district as additional insured) is current and a copy has been provided to the District prior to facility use.




Need Assistance?

For general questions about using a district facility or the ML Schedules portal, please contact our Maintenance Department at (732) 751-2499.