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School Bus Driver Openings - APPLY 

Welcome to the Howell Township Board of Education family!
We wish you an exciting and safe year!


  • Parents preferring to drive or have their children walk to/from school must waive the right to student transportation by completing and submitting the NJDOE Revised Parental Transportation Services Waiver Form to your child's school.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to continue to service all students, bus stops are continuing to be consolidated.  Students may experience a change to the bus stop from previous years.  Transportation will be picking up more “group” stops than in the past.  Please check the bus stop location via the Parent Portal when reviewing your student’s information.



The following Standards for Release of Students from school or bus stops were implemented beginning the 2022-2023 school year.


Grades Pre-K - 2

Authorized individuals must be present at the bus stop or students will not be released. Out of an abundance of caution, the student will be returned to the care of their attending school until confirmation can be obtained. Must list all "designated contacts" for bus dismissal authorizations as a School/Bus Pick Up Contact in the Back to School Portal.


Grades 3-5

Same as Pre-K-2nd grade with the exception that Parent/Guardian may complete and sign a waiver release form to permit their child to disembark the vehicle at their assigned stop without an authorized individual present. Waivers must be resubmitted each year. Grades 3-5 Bus Stop Release Waiver Form.


Grades 6-8

Students are permitted to disembark at their assigned stop; however, Parent/Guardian may request that their child NOT be permitted to disembark without an authorized individual and be treated similar to above.  Grades 6-8 Release Request Form.



Additional Information



  • All students residing in Howell are provided with transportation to and from school. We go to great lengths during the summer to make sure the routes and stops are designed for safety and efficiency. No routes or stops will be changed without the approval of the Transportation Supervisor.


  • Please understand that drivers are not permitted to alter routes or stops that are programmed into the dispatch system.  This is for the safety and accountability of all the students and drivers.  All requests for stop or route modifications must be processed through the Transportation Office.


  • We have provided a link to an inquiry form to request review of a routing or bus stop question. Bus Stop Adjustment Request Please do not hold up the bus driver for these discussions.


  • If you are arranging childcare before or after school at an address other than your home (daycare, babysitter, relative) you may download and complete the “alternate pick-up address/alternate drop- off address” form here, and submit to your child’s home school. The alternate stop may be provided as a courtesy if there is space available on the appropriate route.  Please note:  all applicable rules, practices and policies will apply to any alternate stop. 


  • During the first few weeks of school, please be patient as parents, students and staff familiarize themselves with the busing process, especially on the first day as everyone wants a picture, a hug or a little extra time. Please have your child prepared to board the bus upon arrival. Similarly in the afternoon our staff takes great care to ensure all students are on the correct routes. Therefore, for the first few days of dismissal the buses will also be delayed.


  • During times of student transportation (6:30am-10:00am & 1:30pm-3:30pm) the transportation staff is engaged in dispatching and administering the department.  If you have a concern that does not immediately impact your child on a vehicle, please make your call between 10:00am-1:00pm for best service.



  • Over the years we have developed practices that enhance safety. Please review our video Bus Safety Video.   All students should observe the school bus safety rules. Please partner with us for the safety and well-being of your children by reviewing the safety rules and discussing the importance of proper behavior on the bus to assist the driver in safely conducting their route.


  • All students will have an assigned seat on the school vehicle. Seating assignments will not be changed for the first week of school unless there is an emergent need, and may only be changed by the building administration. Students should be ready for the bus 10 minutes prior to pick up time. Route times are subject to change if routes require adjusting once school has begun.


  • Bus orientation for the incoming pre-k/kindergarteners will be held at the bus yard located at 280 Old Tavern Road on August 19, 20, 21, & 22 between the hours of 9am and 2pm. There is no need to call Transportation, no appointment necessary.


  • All school vehicles meet Federal and State regulations and are equipped with seat belts, stop arms and crossing arms. All bus drivers (district and contract) meet Federal and State regulations, including criminal background checks and random drug testing.