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School Rules and Regulations

The Board of Education has adopted policies and regulations that form the basis for the rules that are designed for our students to follow. While the rules derived from these polices can be found within this handbook, you are encouraged to review the full policies related to these rules. They may be easily accessed through the following links:
The Board of Education authorizes the use of electronic surveillance systems in school buildings and on school grounds to enhance the safety and security for school district staff, pupils, community members, and other building occupants and to protect the school district's buildings and grounds. Therefore, all school buildings and school grounds within this school district may be monitored using such devices in accordance with Board Policy. Additional information may be accessed through the following link: Electronic Surveillance in School Buildings & on School Grounds, Policy #7441.

It is expected that all students will follow all rules and regulations. Failure to follow these rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action, which may include, but not be limited to: being sent to a building administrator, parent/guardian contact, loss of privileges, detention, suspension, or expulsion. The rules in this student handbook are in addition to administration's broad discretionary authority to maintain safety, order and discipline in the school zone. These rules support, but do not limit, administration's authority.

Students Will:

  • Observe individual classroom rules, as established by the teacher.
  • Use self-discipline to assure the safety of all.
  • Stay to the right in the hallway at all times.
  • Refrain from chewing gum in school.
  • Observe proper behavior in the classroom, halls, on school grounds, and on school trips and functions.
  • Remain quiet, listen for, and follow all instructions during a fire drill, emergency evacuation, or lock down.
  • Complete and turn in their own work.
  • Settle disputes without physical confrontation.
  • Use appropriate language and volume in school. Profanity is not permitted.
  • Respect the rights of others not to be bullied, teased, threatened or touched.
  • Show sensitivity to the racial and ethnic diversity of our schools.
  • Secure their personal property and respect the property of others.
  • Promote and maintain a safe learning environment.
  • Confine the sale of fundraising items and or personal goods to areas outside the school zone. This means nothing may be sold to classmates during school.
  • Consume food and beverages in the cafeteria only during school hours. Special circumstances may be granted by the classroom teacher/administrator.
  • Avoid substance abuse or involvement with alcohol, cigarettes, other smoking materials, or drugs of any kind. Drugs, including prescription and “over the counter” drugs, as well as look-alike drugs and/or substances presented as a drug are illegal and not permitted in school or on school grounds at any time. Students failing to comply with this policy will be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials. All items will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken according to district and/or state policy.
  • Report any known threats to building staff. A student causing a false public alarm (Example: bomb threats, pulling fire alarms) will be suspended/removed from school and formal charges/reports will be filed with the authorities.
  • Leave any items that may be deemed unsafe or threatening to others at home. Weapons and potentially dangerous devices or items are not permitted on school grounds (including the bus, bus stops, etc.). Items deemed unsafe will be confiscated and disciplinary action may be taken according to district and/or state policy. NOTE: If a student finds a weapon they should let a teacher or other adult know immediately. DO NOT TOUCH THE WEAPON!
  • Keep personal entertainment devices at home. They are not permitted in school at any time.
  • Obtain administrative approval before posting announcements or advertisements of any kind.
  • Turn cell phones off while school is in session. Students are not permitted to use cell phones during the school day, unless permission is granted by a teacher or administrator, such as in the case of true emergency, or use for educational purposes. Unauthorized use of a cell phone while school is in session is prohibited. If a child needs to contact his or her parents/guardian they may use the phone located in the main office. Using cell phones at any time or location (school bus, bus stop, hallways, etc.) to make unauthorized or inappropriate recordings, videos, or photographs of students and/or staff is not allowed. In particular, the use of such recordings, videos, or photographs to demean, embarrass, ridicule or exploit another person will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the cell phone by the building Principal or his/her designee and the pupil will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Student use of Privately Owned Technology must be in compliance with Pupil Use of Privately Owned Technology, Policy #2363, and Use of Electronic Communication and Recording Devices, Policy #5516.
  • Use technology appropriately. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, creating an unauthorized/false profile or website for any teachers, school personnel, or other students; posting or encouraging others to post on the internet any private or personal information of school personnel; posting a real or doctored image of teachers, school personnel, or others on the internet, etc. These actions will be deemed in violation of Student Discipline/Code of Conduct, Regulation #5600, and may be subject to disciplinary action by the school, referral to law enforcement if appropriate, and any applicable civil remedies.
  • Store book bags and backpacks during the school day; they are not to be carried through the halls by students. Middle school students are to store backpacks/book bags in their assigned lockers. K-5 students are to store their backpacks/book bags in the appropriate assigned classroom location (closet, cubbies, etc.).

Note: Classified students are subject to the same disciplinary procedures as non-classified students, and will be disciplined in accordance with their IEP.