Student and Parent Handbook » Bus Safety and Monitoring Devices on School Vehicles, Policy #8690

Bus Safety and Monitoring Devices on School Vehicles, Policy #8690

The right of all students to ride a school bus depends on their good behavior and observance of the district's rules and regulations. According to Board of Education Policy #8690, Monitoring Devices on School Vehicles, the District may use devices to monitor and/or observe pupil behaviour, teacher and support staff behaviour, school bus driver discipline procedures, and/or school bus driver driving techniques. Such recordings may be used in pupil and staff discipline. The full policy may be viewed through the following link: Monitoring Devices on School Vehicles, Policy #8690. Any student who violates any of these rules and regulations will be reported to the school administration.
  1. The bus driver is responsible for the safety and conduct of the students while on the bus. The students shall obey the driver and observe the bus rules. The bus driver shall not exclude a student from the bus, but if unable to manage any student, shall report the unmanageable student to the administration of the school he/she attends.
  2. Students shall:
    • Wait for the bus in a safe location and should never stand in the road;
    • Be on time and wait at the designated stop;
    • Go immediately to their assigned seats;
    • Remain in their seats until they reach their stop;
    • Refrain from talking to the bus driver while the bus is moving;
    • Buckle seat belts as soon as they sit down;
    • Keep all body parts inside the bus;
    • Keep arms or other parts of the body out of the aisle;
    • Report all damage to the driver;
    • Maintain the cleanliness of the bus and shall not cause damage of any kind;
    • Use appropriate language;
    • Not eat or drink on the bus;
    • Not throw anything on or off the bus;
  3. Students who must cross the road after exiting from the bus shall pass in front of the bus and not behind it. The driver shall see that the way is clear before the student is permitted to cross the road.
  4. Should the conduct of a student on the bus endanger the safety and well-being of other people and the offending student fails to cease such conduct when requested, the offender may be removed from the bus by school administration. This will be done to protect the safety of all students.
  5. Students will not be permitted to exit the bus at a stop other than designated. Permission for a stop other than your own may be granted by the school administration. Written parent requests should be directed to the school administration, not the bus driver.
  6. Students must ride only their designated bus to and from school.
  7. Any complaints from drivers, students, or parents/guardians concerning violations of the bus safety rules, shall be referred promptly to the school administration.
  8. A student may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by school administration, and his/her parents and/or guardians shall provide transportation to and from school during the period of the exclusion.