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Student Discipline

Classroom behavior often influences academic performance. The attitudes and values that are established in the home are the ones that will determine a child's behavior in school. Children may behave in a manner that will necessitate corrective action on the part of a teacher or administrator. Teachers will attempt to contact parents when the behavior of a pupil creates a situation where the education of the child and those around him/her is impaired. When the teacher has exhausted the usual means to ensure control, the situation will be referred to the school administrator. When the teacher has exhausted the usual means to remediate inappropriate behavior, the matter will be referred to the school administration. Once this occurs, the administrator will invoke his or her broad discretionary authority to maintain an atmosphere in the school that is conducive to learning. Administrative consequences for disruptive or dangerous behavior could include a verbal reprimand, formal detention, or suspension from school. Full cooperation from the home and reinforcement of the rules of the school are essential if a child is to learn the responsibility for basic courtesy and proper behavior.