Board of Education Committee Assignments

Community Interaction
Alexandria Langenberger, Chairperson
Martianne Degliuomini and Ira Thor

Jennifer Okerson, Chairperson
Steven Levine and MaryRose Malley
Ira Thor, Chairperson
Steven Levine and Jennifer Okerson

Labor Relations
Jennifer Okerson, Chairperson
Martianne Degliuomini and Denise Lowe

MaryRose Malley, Chairperson
Joseph Mauer and Ira Thor

Stephen Levine, Chairperson
Alexandria Langenberger and Denise Lowe
Professional Learning
Denise Lowe, Chairperson
Stephen Levine and MaryRose Malley
Safety and Security
Joseph Mauer, Chairperson
Martianne Degliuomini and MaryRose Malley
NJSBA Delegate
Denise Lowe
Cristy Mangano (alt)
MCSBA Delegate
Ira Thor
Denise Lowe (alt)
NSBA Delegate
Denise Lowe
Cristy Mangano (alt)
Legislative Liaison
Stephen Levine
District PTA/PTO
Cristy Mangano
Stephen Levine (alt)
Howell Alliance Liaison
Stephen Levine
HTEF Liaison
Jennifer Okerson
Municipal Liaison

Cristy Mangano