Student and Parent Handbook » Medication


The giving of medication in school should be kept at a minimum. All medications (medication shall include all medicines prescribed by a physician, a patent drug and aspirin) are kept in a locked cabinet and properly labeled. Written permission from parent/guardian and family physician is required. Contact the school nurse if you require this service. Please note: If a student requires medication on a class trip, the student must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian (if the nurse is not available) who will administer the medication. An exception is made for children with asthma or other life threatening illness, who are allowed to self-administer medication when a nurse is not physically present at the scene. Written certification from a physician is required. Children requiring medication during school hours are not allowed to transport medication to school. If the child is to receive medication, the parent/guardian must personally deliver the medication to the nurse. Please review the following for more information, Board of Education Policy #5330, Administration of Medication. Registered nurses are on duty during the school day. Students are expected to have a pass to see the nurse, with the exception of emergencies.