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Student Dress Code

The school administration reserves the right at any time during the school year to add to or modify the list of clothing and other items which are not permitted, when it is deemed necessary to do so for the health, safety, and welfare of the students. All students are encouraged to wear clean, neat clothing to school. They are also encouraged to practice good, sound health habits while at school. A student's work is often a direct reflection of his/her general appearance and attitude.

  • Any type of clothing (tee shirts, sweat shirts, etc.) that promotes smoking, the use of alcohol or drugs, or has obscene, offensive or suggestive slogans, sayings or pictures.
  • Pajamas, or underwear exposed or worn as outerwear.
  • Flip-Flops.
  • Heavy weighted chains or necklaces, spiked collars or bracelets.
  • Hats, bandanas, or sunglasses worn on one's head.
  • Any clothing that is unsafe, unhealthy, or distracting to others according to administrative discretion. Keep in mind that clothing that is revealing or suggestive may be considered distracting, unhealthy or unsafe.
Students are to remove winter jackets while in the building. Keeping a sweater, sweatshirt or some other item of clothing available will provide a more healthy way of providing for individual comfort.

For health and safety reasons, appropriate footwear must be worn. Closed shoes are recommended. Shoes with laces must be tied at all times. Sneakers must be worn on Physical Education days. Please keep safety in mind.

Parents/guardians will be contacted to discuss any continued problems relating to this matter. Students not adhering to the dress code may be removed from class/school if the attire interferes with the orderly process of learning. School administration reserves the right to make this determination. Additional information regarding Dress Code is available through the following link: Dress & Grooming, Board of Education Policy # 5511.