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School Safety

To ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff, following are the procedures.
  • All doors will be locked. School visitors will be admitted through the front door via electronic entry. Visitors should sign the Visitor's Log in the Main Office and obtain a Visitor's Badge before visiting any area of the school. In this way, unnecessary classroom interruptions can be avoided and safety ensured. Do Not park any vehicles in the areas around the school marked by the yellow striped lines (these are fire zones) or in spaces designated for the handicapped only.
  • All school personnel will be wearing photo identification.
  • In order for parents to be advised of urgent and important messages, correspondence will be distributed via multimedia as follows: website postings, email alerts, automated telephone calls, or sent home with students. The type of communication is contingent upon the level of urgency. To sign up for email alerts, visit our web site at
  • To ensure safety on school buses, students may be videotaped.
These procedures have been initiated after extensive planning to ensure a safe school environment.