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Locker Information, Middle School

ASSIGNMENT OF LOCKS & LOCKERS: Lockers are provided at no charge to students for storage. Combination locks are issued at the time of locker assignments. Students must return them at the end of the school year or pay a fine of $5.00 to replace the lock. Students may not bring their own locks. Students are responsible for all of their books and personal properties that are kept in their lockers. Combinations should be kept private to avoid theft. If a locker is damaged/broken, a report should be made to the homeroom teacher.

LOCKER INSPECTIONS: Lockers are school property, and as such, are subject to random inspection at any time during the school year. Additional information can be found through the following link: Pupil Right of Privacy, Board of Education Policy #5770, and the preceding section on Search & Seizure/Pupil Right of Privacy, K-8.