Health and Physical Education


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Supervisor's Message

Physical Education is the only subject which, by the very nature of its content, has the potential to affect how a person will feel every moment of every day for the rest of their life.

It is the goal of Howell Township Public Schools to promote good health and physical activities as a means to enhance the self-esteem of our students, and to allow the mind and body to grow more fully.

As a department, it is the belief that health and physical education is an integral part of the elementary (K-8) curriculum. The Health and Physical Department (HPE) strives to meet the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of the child through a wide variety of experiences and activities. It is through the utilization of individual and group activities that the physical education program provides a prescription for all children to learn.

The curriculum is organized to include a planned progression of skills and activities to provide maximum growth for all children at every level. Through participation this progression encourages the development of fundamental skills, cardiovascular awareness and fitness, individual responsibility, self-discipline, and respect for the feelings of others. The development of the curriculum will enhance leadership qualities and the productive use of leisure time to meet the demands of a changing society.

The health and physical education program is committed to developing within each child's capabilities and needs a sense of success and accomplishment. Our philosophy holds that appropriate teaching in health and physical education contributes to a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities to develop the resources of the mind and body.

A Physically Educated Person
  • Has the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • Is physically fit.
  • Participates regularly in physical activity.
  • Knows the implications and benefits of involvement in physical activity.
  • Values physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle.
HPE Program Guidelines

Physical Education classes are mandated by state law. Thus, all students are required to participate in this phase of the curriculum. The physical education program emphasizes fitness with special attention given to cardiovascular conditioning.

Only written requests to excuse a child from Physical Education, which are issued by a physician, may be honored by the school. Such requests are kept on file by the school nurse.

Gym suits or other types of uniforms are not required for students in grades K-5. However, students are encouraged to bring/wear appropriate clothing for physical education classes. It is highly recommended that sneakers or similar rubber-soled shoes be worn for physical education activities. Students in grades six, seven, and eight are required to wear a suitable T-shirt, shorts and sneakers.

Family Life Education

Family Life Education is part of the Health Curriculum. The course supports positive, realistic, and responsible concepts. It is taught in grades kindergarten through four by the classroom teacher, and by a Health Education Specialist in grades 5-8. Human Sexuality is presented in this manner to provide consistency and control of presentation. A parent or guardian may choose to exclude his/her child(ren) from participation. Alternate education is provided. A list of topics is given each September to aid the parent/guardian in making this decision.