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Academic Support Services

Beth McCarthy                                                   Deana Farinick

Program Supervisor, Grades K-5                    Program Supervisor, MS-South

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Shannon Johnson                                              

Program Supervisor, MS-North                         
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Basic Skills and Remedial Instruction

Children at all levels can experience skill deficiencies in language arts and mathematics. Such needs are generally identified through multiple measures, such as district and state-wide testing, and classroom performance. Children in Grades 1-5, who have identified academic needs and thereby meet designated criteria, are eligible for academic support through basic skills instruction. Specialized teachers in each school are responsible for the academic intervention needed by students identified to receive such support. Students’ needs are regularly monitored, with instructional activities designed to meet those needs identified. All instructional activities within the basic skills programs are supplementary to classroom instruction provided by the general education or core content teacher. Pupil progress is regularly assessed throughout the program, and reported to parents. Close collaboration between the classroom, and core content teacher is essential to providing the optimum level of academic support for the student.
Literacy and Mathematics Labs

At the middle school level, students participate in an array of cycle offerings, commonly referred to as electives. Among the cycle offerings available are the Literacy and Mathematics Labs. Students may opt in to the Lab courses when they choose elective classes, but may also be enrolled in Lab courses based on demonstrated academic need in a particular content area. The Literacy and Mathematics Labs are not graded courses. The Lab courses follow the cycle (elective) schedule. Each student enrolled in a Lab course works towards individual learning goals, which are developed by the instructor and the student. The learning goals are aimed at helping students attain the level of College and Career Readiness that is necessary for them to be successful later in their education, in their careers, and throughout their lives. Upon achieving individual learning goals, students exit the lab at the conclusion of the current cycle, and begin their next cycle course. Students seeking enrichment in the content areas may choose Literacy or Mathematics Lab as an elective option. Enrichment sections of Lab courses will be provided to students requesting the course for enrichment based on scheduling availability. While program materials vary based on the goals and needs of the individual student, program materials and instruction is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English-Language Arts and Mathematics.