Parent Training Opportunities


Howell Township Public Schools’ Parent Series Trainings

Parents and other family members are a child’s best teachers.  Workshops provided as part of the Howell Township Parent Series will focus on researched-based techniques that have been proven effective when working with children with developmental delays and other disabilities. The following information will also be addressed at each workshop:

  • How to define and analyze behaviors
  • How behaviors are learned
  • The components of successful teaching
  • Safely reducing inappropriate behaviors

Workshops for the school year are posted below.  Please contact your child’s teacher, case manager, Ms. Rubin (BCBA) or Ms. Lempa (BCBA) if you have any specific requests for topics.  We would be happy to develop a training based on your input. 





9/30/20 Virtual/12:30PM Creating a Successful Hybrid Learning Environment Flyer
10/29/20 Virtual/12:00PM Building Peer Relationships Flyer
12/11/20 Virtual/12:00PM An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Peace Flyer
1/21/21 Virtual/11:00AM Toilet Training Flyer

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Joanna Abramo
Supervisor of Special Education
Maureen Rubin
District BCBA
Nicole Lempa
District BCBA


Regional Professional Development Academy 

Please use the following link for information on seminars that are free of charge to all parents through our partnership with the Regional Professional Development Academy.