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Home Instruction

Home Instruction Due to a Health Condition

The Howell Township Public School District provides instructional services to an enrolled student when the student is confined to the home or another

out-of- school setting due to a temporary or chronic health condition or a need for treatment that precludes participation in their usual education setting, whether general or special education.  Please contact your child’s school nurse when your child is experiencing a health condition that may result in a prolonged absence from school.  It is important that the nurse is aware of your child’s on-going health needs; she will be able to assist you regarding the provision of services during your child’s long-term (more than 10 consecutive days) absence.

A parent’s request for home instruction must include a written determination from the student’s physician documenting the projected need for confinement at the student’s residence or other treatment setting for more than ten consecutive school days or twenty cumulative school days during the school year. The written determination from your child’s physician will be forwarded to the school physician, who shall either verify the need for home instruction or provide reasons for denial. Home instruction, if verified, will be provided within 5 days of the physician’s approval.

If home instruction is warranted, a certified teacher/s will be assigned to deliver the instruction for the number of hours and length of time sufficient to continue your child’s progress and dependent upon your child’s ability to participate.  An adult must be present during the delivery of instruction in the home.     

Please see District Policy 2412 and Regulation 2412 for more information regarding home instruction requirements and services.  Please feel free to contact your building administrators if you have any additional questions about the provision of home instruction for your child.