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Developmental Milestones

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association has a website including articles and resources that discuss milestones for speech-language development.  Click here to access the site: https://www.asha.org/slp/schools/prof-consult/norms/
Developmental Milestones - Articulation

According to the Weiss Comprehensive Articulation Test norms, the following ages are given for specific phoneme acquisition.
  • Age 3: p, b, m
  • Age 4: n, ing, w, h
  • Age 4 ½: t, d, k, g
  • Age 5: f, v, y
  • Age 5 ½: th, l
  • Age 6 ½: r, s, z, sh, ch, j, zh
  • Age 7: all consonant blends
Year 5-6 Developmental Milestones
  • Follows directions given to a group
  • Follows multi-step commands
  • Asks appropriate questions
  • Uses past tense and future tense appropriately
  • Uses conjunctions
  • Has a receptive vocabulary of approximately 13,000 words
  • Has an expressive vocabulary of approximately 2,000 words
  • Names opposites
  • Continues to greatly increase vocabulary
  • Produces sentences averaging 4-6 words
  • Reverses sounds occasionally
  • Exchanges information and asks questions
  • Uses sentences with details
  • Accurately relays a story
  • Can sing songs and recite nursery rhymes
  • Communicates easily with adults and other children
  • Uses appropriate grammar in most cases
  • Defines by function
Year 6-7 Developmental Milestones
  • Names some letters, numbers, and currencies
  • Sequences numbers
  • Understands left and right
  • Uses increasingly more complex descriptions
  • Engages in conversations
  • Has a receptive vocabulary of approximately 20,000 words
  • Has an expressive vocabulary of approximately 2,600 words
  • Uses a sentence length of approximately 6 words
  • Understands most concepts of time and space
  • Recites the alphabet
  • Uses most grammatical endings appropriately