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Speech and Language Services

Taryn Doyle, Program Supervisor
732-919-1553 x3152
Supervisor's Message

The mission of this site is to familiarize parents with the speech-language services available through the Howell Township Public School System. We will provide general information concerning delays or disorders of speech and language development (articulation, language comprehension and/or expression, fluency, voice, and pragmatic or social skills), and their academic impact on performance. We will also highlight the procedure by which a student is identified and becomes eligible for such services.

The Howell Township Public School System provides a speech/language therapy program in every elementary and middle school in addition to offering services in the preschool disabled program, for special needs children between the ages of 3 and 5.

The development of age-appropriate speech and language skills is essential to the learning process and to the student’s emotional and social growth. The goal of the speech/language program is to help students develop speech and language skills necessary to achieve academic success and to facilitate effective communication skills.

We hope the information on this page will prove helpful in better understanding the program and how it can benefit your child.