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PTA/PTO/SEPAC Leadership

Each of the nine elementary and two middle schools comprising the Howell Township Public School District has a Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO). Parents/guardians are encouraged to join and participate.

Parent educational activities, socials, and fund-raisers are held throughout the year and the organizations offer many services to parents/guardians, teachers, and students. PTA/O newsletters are brought home by the students and provide information about meetings and activities. The Superintendent of Schools meets periodically with the PTA/PTO Presidents' Council to discuss the district's goals, programs, and needs.
PTA/PTO Presidents Listed by School

Adelphia PTA

Christine Devlin


Aldrich PTO

Renee Green


Ardena PTA

Beth McAndrew


Greenville PTO

Jacqueline DePaolo


Griebling/Memorial PTA

Lauren Reardon

[email protected]


Land O'Pines PTO

Kim Zapata

[email protected]


Newbury PTA

Erin Correale


Ramtown PTO

Amanda Cavanagh

Taunton PTA

Becky Sasarak


Middle School North PTA

Jessica Valentino

[email protected]

Middle SchoolSouth PTO

Lisa Valenti

[email protected]


Peter Revilla

[email protected]