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Device Distribution

K-2 Students

We are awaiting our shipment of the additional devices that the district purchased to be 1:1 in grades K-2. Until those iPads for K-2 students arrive, the school will work with individual families in need. At this time, we cannot distribute iPads to all K-2 students as K-2 students attending the in-person cohort will need to utilize the devices while in school. We anticipate the remainder of the K-2 iPads to arrive in district mid-September. If a K-2 student will be taking a device home at any point during the school year, device agreements and protection plan must be processed via MySchoolBucks

3-8 Students

Device distribution for students in grades 3-8 will occur on Tuesday, September 8th and your child’s school will communicate specific details to their school community. Parents can prepare for student device use/pick up by reviewing and completing their protection plan and device agreements. We refreshed our 6-8 devices to iPads with a keyboard for grades 6-8 and this year, students in grades 3-5 will continue to utilize a laptop. Cash and paper transactions are discouraged and the processing of device paperwork and protection plans will not be able to take place on the day of distribution. All agreements and the device protection plan selection must be submitted online via the MySchoolBucks Technology Store in order for the device to be distributed to the student. In MySchoolBucks, parents will only see the device type (iPad or laptop) that will be used for their child's respective grade level/s. If you have any questions regarding the protection plan, please contact the Office of Innovation and Digital Learning at 732-751-2480 or email diglearningtech@howell.k12.nj.us . If you have questions about the distribution date/time or process, please contact your child’s school.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Device Distribution

Q: My child will be 100% full remote and I have a device at home that my child can use; therefore, do I have to select a protection plan and take the district device?

A: If you have a device at home that you prefer your child to use, then you can use that device. If at any time you determine that your child will need to use the district device for various work, then you can process the protection plan and agreements at that time and request to then pick up the district device later.

Q: Can I send my child in with a device?

A: We are not a bring your own device district and cannot support a personal device or install district owned applications/licenses on personal equipment. Only district owned devices can be utilized in school.


Q: We are away the day that the school is distributing devices, what do we do?

A: You will need to contact the school directly to make different arrangements for pickup OR your child will receive the device on the first day of school if they are attending the in-person cohort environment.

Q: I am working during all of the distribution timeframes for when my child’s school is distributing the device. Can my son/daughter pick up the device with their grandparent, an older sibling, or a neighbor?

A: Yes. Just make sure you processed the agreements and protection plan via MySchoolBucks.

Q: We cannot make the timeframe in which my student is assigned for distribution. Can we come earlier or later in the day?

A: Yes. You can select a timeframe for a different letter in the alphabet or grade level based on how the school will be distributing.

Q: Can my child pick up a device at any school?

A: Our devices are inventoried based on grade levels and classes; therefore, if you are picking up the device, you must pick up at your child’s school.