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Elementary Guidance Counselors

Dan D'Avanzo, Program Supervisor

732-751-2480 x6001

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Elementary Guidance Contacts by School

Guidance Counselor: Sara Glynn
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Guidance Counselor: Jessica Eisenberg
Guidance Counselor: Sara Glynn
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Guidance Counselor: Jayme Begley
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Guidance Counselor: Samantha Murillo
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Land O'Pines
Guidance Counselor: Michele Stigliano
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Guidance Counselor: Samantha Murillo
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Guidance Counselor: Michele Stigliano
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Guidance Counselor: Jayme Begley
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Guidance Counselor: Jessica Eisenberg
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We Believe…
  • Children have dignity and worth as human beings.
  • Children learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.
  • Children who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior.
  • Children are capable of making responsible choices.
  • Attitudes formed during elementary school shape future attitudes toward learning, self and society.
Elementary Information
Parent Resources
Parent Stop Spot
  • ABC's - Activities Benefit Children
  • Academics and Activities
  • Bus Safety
  • Dealing with Discipline
  • Providing Homework Help
  • How Homework Helps
  • How to Help Your Child Learn More
  • Study More Productively
  • How Families Can Help
The Guidance School-to-Home Connection

School Stress
Parent Communication
Young people face greater risks than previous generations:
  • Young people face increasing violence in our society and in their schools.
  • Some young people face hopelessness that can lead to self-destructive behavior.
Children affected by these and other issues are not able to achieve at their full academic potential. The counselor's primary task is to help them become better learners by providing a comprehensive program that includes responsive services, individual planning, systems support and a guidance curriculum.

In Our Changing World
  • By age 21, today's young people have faced more decisions than their grandparents faced in a lifetime.
  • One out of five families move each year.
  • Everyone faces career decisions.
Your child's Elementary School Counselor Helps…
  • Children develop a better understanding and acceptance of themselves.
  • Children cope with family changes.
  • Children develop decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Children develop socially and emotionally, to mature in their relations with others.
  • Children to understand themselves in relation to their own development.
  • Parents understand their children's emotions, behaviors, and learning styles, and assist them in meeting their child's needs.
  • School staff, teachers and administrators understand and meet the needs of all students in intellectual, personal, social and emotional areas.
  • Parents and teachers create a positive learning environment.
Why call the guidance counselor?
  • A problem on the bus has upset your child.
  • You have seen a change in your child's work and grades?
  • The teacher feels your child is having difficulty with the academics.
  • Your child feels bullied or scared at school.
  • A change in your family has occurred and this may upset your child.
  • Transitioning to the middle school, or first grade worries your child.
Questions you might ask the guidance counselor
  • What in an SRC meeting?
  • How can I find out about outside counseling?
  • Do you know of groups for children?
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