Child Find Program - Elementary and Middle School

If you are concerned that your child is developing or learning differently, please call Patricia Callander, Assistant Superintendent/Pupil Services, at 732-751-2480 Ext. 3805.

What Will Happen When You Call?

You will be referred to personnel from the appropriate school who will consult with you and answer any questions you may have. If appropriate, your child’s teacher will be contacted and a conference may be scheduled to discuss the matter. In addition, a referral may be made to the building I&RS committee in order to plan for and provide intervention services for your child. You will play a key role in this process. You also have the right to request an evaluation for special education and related services by sending a written request for an evaluation to your child’s principal. Include your child’s name, age, address and area of suspected or known disability. After receiving your written request, the district’s child study team has twenty days to have a meeting with you, the parent(s). At this meeting, you and the team will decide if an evaluation is needed and what the evaluation will include. If you have not already utilized the services of the I&RS committee, the child study team may defer to this process before conducting a formal evaluation. The ultimate goal of this referral process is to ensure that your child is given every opportunity to have a successful learning experience in his/her school.

For additional information regarding the “Identification, Location and Referral” of Special Education Students, please refer to the district’s policies and regulations on our website at

Please Note: This information applies to all Howell Township residents, including migrant and homeless families.

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