Device Distribution, Protection Plan and School Technology Agreement Grades 6-8

Technology device distribution for students entering grades 6-8 will occur on Wednesday, August 30th per the school’s schedule below. Agreements and the device protection plan selection must be processed online via the MySchoolBucks Technology Store before the start of school.

Questions about the middle school distribution date/time or process see the FAQ section below, then if you have additional questions, please contact your child’s schoolQuestions regarding the protection plan optionscontact the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation at [email protected] or 732-751-2480. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I process Protection Plan and authorizations via MySchoolbucks (MSB)?

A: Directions for using MSB and processing can be found here (English); here (Spanish); here (Russian).


Q: Can I send my child in with a device?

A: We are not a bring your own device district and cannot support a personal device or install district owned applications/licenses on personal equipment. Only district owned devices can be utilized in school.


Q: Do the agreements and a protection plan need to be processed each school year?

A: Yes. Device protection plans and the payment is based on a full school year of coverage. New agreements and a new plan need to be processed each school year.  


Q: Why do students in grades 6-8 have to pick up their assigned device prior to the start of school?

A: Due to how the middle school schedule is structured (i.e. changing of classes/classrooms throughout the day after homeroom), there is not ample time to distribute a device to all the middle school students within the allotted homeroom time frame.  


Q: Can my middle school student pick up the device with their grandparent, an older sibling, or a neighbor?

A: Yes. Just make sure you process the agreements and protection plan via MySchoolBucks.


Q: We are away the day that my middle school student is scheduled to pick up their device, what should we do?

A: Depending upon how many middle school students do not pick up their device on August 30th, your student will then receive their device during the first few days of school. It is best to have them pick up their device on the 30th to be prepared for the first day of school.


Q: We cannot make the timeframe that my middle school student is assigned to pick up their device. Can we come earlier or later in the day?

A: Yes. You can select a timeframe for a different grade level/team based on how the school will be distributing.


Q: Can my middle school student pick up their device at any school?

A: Our devices are inventoried for each school; therefore, middle school students must pick up at their attending school.