3-5 Remote Home Learning

Remote Teaching & Learning Expectations

Teaching is a process that occurs as much when students are not present as it does when they are. It is expected that staff will be online between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. each remote school day. While many professional practices might take place in that window, staff is to prioritize communications with students and their families. This may be in the form of feedback, posting, commenting on posts, and answering questions from students, parents, and colleagues. Remaining time should be used for planning, organizing, collaborating with colleagues and virtual meetings with school leaders.
Elementary (Grades 3-5) Overview

In grades three through five, like six through eight, students will be given their one-to-one devices to take home. Teachers will develop lessons that can be accessed and completed via a variety of digital platforms. The most prominent and preferred platform is to use Schoology, though other acceptable platforms could be used. The district will work with any and all students, and their families, to ensure they have access to all remote learning opportunities, whether they be digital or paper-based.

Assignments for students in grades 3 through 8 should include an opportunity to respond to meaningful questions and further opportunity for students to appropriately comment on one another's posts. As a reference, we are providing the summer reading book club format that has been incredibly successful for the past three summers. Again, this is offered as an example of the types of assignments that could be used and structures to support monitoring student contributions and progress. Other examples could be, but are not limited to, teacher-made videos, or teacher-curated videos, to which students would respond. Digital texts, such as those provided through Newsela, can be assigned for reading material and response. The suite of Pearson and Big Ideas (mathematics) online tutorial resources will be available for students to access.