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COVID-19 Information

American Rescue Plan/ESSER III Grant - Safe Return to School Plan

We are in the process of completing and submitting the American Rescue Plan/ESSER III Grant - Safe Return to School Plan. Some important facts to know about the plan:

  • The submission is required no later than June 24th and is attached to over $3-million dollars in ESSER III funding for our district. 
  • The areas of mitigation strategies that are required to be addressed are:
    • Maintaining Heatlh and Safety 
      • Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks
      • Physical Distancing
      • Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette
      • Cleaning and Maintaining Healthy Facilities (including ventilation) 
      • Contact Tracing in Combination with Isolation and Quarantine, in Collaboration with the State, Local, Territorial, or Tribal Health Departments 
      • Diagnostic and Screening Testing 
      • Efforts to Provide Vaccinations to Educators, Other Staff and Students 
    • Ensuring Continuity of Services
    • Public Comment 
  • In no way should this document be interpreted as final or a prediction of the plan for Fall 2021, but rather evidence that we are prepared with procedures in the event they are needed. 
  • This is not the grant, but rather a precursor requirement for the grant. 
  • The language used is intended to offer as much flexibility as possible given the uncertainty of future circumstances. 
  • It is a 'living' document meaning it will be updated as appropriate to meet the requirements of future circumstances should our circumstances change.

To view the plan, please click here: Safe Return to School Plan


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COVID-19 Status Report
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