Emergency Closing Information

All after-school activities are cancelled when the schools are closed.

In the event the Superintendent or her designee cancels school, such an announcement shall be made on the following radio stations:

  • AM WHTG 1410
  • FM WJLK 94.3
  • FM WOBM 92.7
  • AM WADB 1310
  • FM NJ 101.5 101.5
  • FM WBUD 1260
  • FM G106.3 106.3

This information is also announced on NEWS12 NEW JERSEY

PTA/PTO groups may have telephone chains established. Whenever the public schools are closed, transportation will not be available for children who attend private schools. All after-school activities are cancelled when schools are closed.

Please DO NOT call Police Headquarters for school cancellation information. This ties up telephone lines which may be needed for emergencies.

The district is now online with the Howell Township Public Schools web site. The web site address is www.howell.k12.nj.us. Members of the community will now be able to access emergency information online.

Howell Township covers a large geographic area, consequently, weather conditions may vary within the community. While we strongly encourage pupil attendance, ultimately, parents/guardians must make a decision regarding weather conditions (snow, flooding, heat) and the safety and well-being of their child(ren).

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