School Safety Update and Community Forum Announcement

Dear Howell Community,

We would like to start this letter by sharing our sympathies and heartfelt sorrow for the Parkland, Florida community. Since the tragedy in Florida, there has been a heightened concern throughout our nation regarding school safety. In our collaborations with other New Jersey school districts, there have been significant conversations regarding a hyper-focus on rumors that are finding their way through our school districts, across the state, and around our county. Within our schools, we have not been exempt from such troubling allegations. During trying times such as these, it is important for us to communicate with you regarding the practices we take, both ordinary and extraordinary, to keep our students and staff safe.

Be it rumor or allegation, we take each and every concern with great seriousness and communicate directly with law enforcement. Although, there have been no credible threats within our schools, should actions in violation of school code of conduct be found, appropriate consequences, behavioral corrections, and discipline are dispensed along with the appropriate communications to those persons involved, or whom may need to be involved. Never is there a doubt that our first priority is the safety and security of our children and our staff. We also diligently blend that priority with the protected privacy of each and every student. I would like to reiterate, there are no credible threats within the Howell School District and our buildings remain safe learning environments.

Nowhere is our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our children and staff more noticeable than through our partnership with Howell Township Police Department. That partnership provides for a community-based police presence in each school. To that end, the police department will be facilitating a school security forum for the parents of students and staff of Howell Township Public Schools on Tuesday the 27th, hosted at Middle School North. The police department is requiring that all attendees must pre-register with this link, Register Here. In accordance with the announcement made by the Howell Township Police Department, check-in will start at 6:00. The forum will start at 7:00 and conclude at 9:00. There will be no admittance after 7:00.


Joseph Isola

Superintendent of Schools

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