Parent Portal Opening Schedule

The Parent Portal will open based on the date/time listed in the table below. Parents will be able to access their student’s homeroom assignment, schedules and bus information.

When the portal opens, please take the time to review your contact information and make updates to phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts.

Parents may access the Parent Portal via the district website, under the parents section or at

Parents who need to create a log-in to access the Parent Portal, must read and complete the Parent Portal account setup instructions, located at

If you need assistance accessing the system, please contact your student’s school.

Date 8:00 AM Sister School OpeningTime 10:00 AM Sister School Opening Time 12:00 PM Sister School Opening Time 2:00 PM Sister School Opening Time 4:00 PM Sister School Opening Time
Monday, August 28, 2017 Greenville & Ramtown LOP & Newbury Adelphia & Ardena Taunton & Aldrich Griebling & Memorial
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Middle School South   Middle School North    


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