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What is included when a student purchases lunch?

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Many parents have asked what is included when a student purchases lunch. A complete lunch includes two ounces of protein, one bread serving, ¼ cup vegetable and ¼ cup fruit serving and choice of milk. Daily milk offerings are 1% white milk, 2% white milk, skim milk, 1% low fat chocolate or 1% low fat strawberry milk.

The menu is developed with New Jersey State mandates in mind to allow the students to select fruits and vegetables that appeal to their personal preference. A four ounce 100% juice may be taken in place of the vegetable or fruit of the day. An assortment of fruit is offered daily to encourage an increase in fruit consumption by the students.

Alternates to the menu entrée are offered daily; they include Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustable, Hot Dog on a Roll, and Mexican Munch or a Grab and Go Bagel Lunch.

Mexican Munch includes Nacho Chips, Shredded Cheese, Salsa, Baby Carrots, Fruit Juice, Snack and Choice of Milk. Grab and Go Bagel includes Yogurt, Bagel (Cream Cheese or Margarine), Baby Carrots, Fruit Juice, Snack, and Choice of Milk.

whole grains

We offer whole grain dinner rolls.

fruits and vegetables

Icy Juicy is Minute Maid 100% juice that is equal to a serving of fruit.


Stuffed Crust Pizza is made with whole grain crust.

no fry zone

Elementary School kitchens do not have fryers; all chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and potatoes are baked.

Middle Schools fry only French fries, utilizing Trans-Fat Free canola oil.

Whole wheat hamburger and hot dog rolls have been introduced to the students this year.

Our chips are Baked Lays or Reduced Fat Doritos. The ice cream offered is reduced fat products from Jack and Jill Ice Cream or Hershey’s Ice Cream.

Student Lunch Accounts

Student lunch accounts follow your child until they graduate from the district.

Contact Food Services

Audrey Macdonald
Director of Food Services
485 Adelphia Road
Freehold, NJ 07728
732-919-1085 x2126

Proposed Federal School Meal Standards

Proposed nutrition standards (to be met on average over the school week) would result in a more nutrient dense school meal:

  • Calories: both minimum and maximum levels set for each grade group
    • Lunch: 550-650 (grades K-5); 600-700 (grades 6-8); 750-850 (grades 9-12)
    • Breakfast: 350-500 (grades K-5); 400-550 (grades 6-8); 450-600 (grades 9-12)

  • Total fat: a range of 25-35% of total calories for lunch and breakfast
  • Saturated fat: remains at <10% of total calories for lunch and breakfast
  • Sodium: for the first time, maximum levels for each grade group (10 years post implementation of final rule):
    • Lunch:≤640mg (grades K-5); ≤710mg (6-8); ≤740mg (9-12)
    • Breakfast: ≤430mg (grades K-5); ≤470mg (6-8); ≤500mg (9-12)
    • Two intermediate targets for each grade group (2 and 4 years post implementation of final rule) to help schools reduce sodium gradually
  • Trans Fat: Nutrition label must specify zero grams of trans fat per serving

Proposed meal patterns would increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free/low-fat milk in the school menu:

  • One food-based menu planning approach and same age/grade groups for lunch and breakfast
  • Fruits and vegetables offered daily, as two separate food components of the meal pattern
  • A daily serving of fruit at breakfast and lunch
  • Both a grain and a meat/meat alternate at breakfast

Use this link to read the proposed standard:!documentDetail;D=FNS-2007-0038-0001

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