• Erin Fedina, Program Supervisor
  • (732) 751-2480 x3813

Supervisor's Message

The vision of science education, as expressed by the New Jersey Core Content Standards, is the belief that:

…all students can and must learn enough science to assume their role as concerned citizens, equipped with necessary information and decision-making skills.

This same philosophy, to provide for scientific literacy in today's technological world, has been adopted by Howell Township Public Schools. Our program attempts to develop a relationship of the various disciplines of science to each other, and of science to the overall learning experience. We provide our students with a foundation of the scientific processes of inquiry and problem solving. By providing hands-on activities in which students formulate hypothesis and then test these ideas, we provide opportunities for our students to develop higher level thinking skills. In this way, they formulate new ideas, unite information, identify rational options, make decisions and draw conclusions.

As a district we value science and recognize the fact that it enables individuals to reach their fullest human potential. Through the study of science, our children are exposed to experiences that are the foundation of logical thought and future decision-making.


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