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  • Michael Harvey, Program Supervisor
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Supervisor's Message

"History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity." – Cicero (106 BC–43 BC)

The students of Howell will spend their adult lives in the twenty-first century. The Howell Township Curriculum embraces the challenge of nurturing enlightened citizens in a rapidly-changing world. This knowledge will enable students to understand the changes that have occurred over time, as well as to recognize the conditions and forces that maintain continuity and cooperation within human societies.

Students need to understand history, institutions, ideals, values, economy, and relations with other nations in the world. In an interdependent world our students learn about the common human qualities that unite people, cultures, societies, and economic systems that prevail in other parts of the world and recognize the political and cultural barriers that divide them.

In this Age of Information, emphasis is on content coherence and on behavior that emphasizes reasoning and responsibility. Student participation is viewed as the key ingredient in meaningful learning. Cooperative learning interactions, with a variety of print and electronic sources, serve as springboards to encourage learners to question and seek answers.


The kindergarten curriculum incorporates social studies concepts related to home and family as part of a series of themed units.

The social studies units for grades 1 through 8 are listed below:

Grade Unit of Study


  • Families and Friends
  • The World Around Me
  • Long Ago and Today
  • Our Country, It’s a Great Place

Grade One

  • People Everywhere
  • Where We Live
  • World at Work
  • Everything Changes
  • Good Citizens

Grade Two

  • People and Places
  • Places Near and Far
  • Ways of Living
  • People at Work
  • America’s Past
  • America’s Government

Grade Three

  • Our Community
  • People Long Ago
  • People Move From Place to Place
  • Community Government
  • Making Economic Choices
  • Celebrating People & Cultures
  • Investigating Howell

Grade Four

  • The Land of the United States
  • Exploring and Living in the East
  • Exploring and Living in the South
  • The Midwest
  • Exploring and Living in the West
  • Connections to Our World: The Americas and Beyond
  • Exploring and Living in New Jersey

Grade Five

  • Land as Setting for Human Activity
  • Exploration and Settlement
  • The English Colonies
  • We the People

Grade Six

  • Geography Tools
  • Early Human Societies
  • Early Agriculture
  • Mesopotamia
  • Egypt
  • Asian Civilizations
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Islam
  • Medieval Period and The Renaissance

Grade Seven

  • Exploration and European Colonies
  • English Colonies
  • American Revolution
  • The Constitution
  • The Jacksonian Era and Events Leading to the Civil War
  • Civil War

Grade Eight

  • Government Overview
  • Civil War (transitional period review)
  • Reconstruction
  • Civil Rights
  • The Progressive Era
  • Becoming a World Power
  • World War I
  • The Depression and World War II
  • Holocaust and Genocide
  • Cold War to Modern Times


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